The ingredients of love ritual:
– Red Rose Petals (about ten for effective love enchantment)
– 1 white candle and three yellow candles.
– A glass of tea with spearmint with honey
Preparation of love ritual:
Arrange three yellow plugs so as to form a triangle, a square in the middle white candle,
Arrange around the petals of red rose.
And put your knees facing the candles and turn it on
The fulfillment of love ritual:
Recite the mantra below
Drink the tea glass
Extinguish the candles one by one, beginning with the white candle.
Gather the rose petals, let them dry for a week between
two sheets of aluminum foil and scatter them in a river.
The mantra of love ritual:
« I call to you and adore you, Aphrodite, goddess of love oh, I touched your heart as these funds candles
I cry, Aphrodite, O goddess of love, so I can find my soulmate
I cry, Aphrodite, O goddess of love, to overcome my loneliness,
I beg you to open for me, a way for the return of his love,
Such is my will. « 

NB all these candles will be prepared by the great master LUNE for the performance of the ritual.

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